How to Control Kitty Litter Odor

Cats make wonderful pets, but they can also cause foul odors throughout your home. There are, however, many ways to effectively control litter box odor and have your home smelling pleasant again.

Step 1

Place your cat’s litter box in a well ventilated area of your home to help control odor. A room where you can leave the window partially open would be an ideal place. Put the litter box in a part of your home where you are least likely to smell it, but that is still easily accessible for your cat to use.

Step 2

Clean your cat’s litter box daily to eliminate foul odors. Discard dirty litter and replace with clean odor control kitty litter. Wash your cat's litter pan with soap and water at least once a week to help eliminate long-term odors that may develop in the box.

Step 3

Add some baking soda to your cat's litter box to help reduce foul-smelling odors. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that will help absorb and eliminate litter box odors. Sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the bottom of the litter pan before adding fresh litter.

Step 4

Use deodorizing litter box liners to help prevent foul odors. Wrap the liner around your cat’s litter box before adding clean litter. This will make cleaning the litter box a lot easier, and it will leave the room smelling clean and fresh.

Step 5

Put an air purifier in the room where your kitty litter box stays. Placing an air purifier next to the litter box will help increase ventilation and reduce bad odors throughout your home.

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