How to Apply Topical Meds - Tips to Make It Easy

Many common flea medications are applied topically, which can be easy for some people and quite difficult for others. So today I thought I'd give you some tips on applying topical medications. Here are a few tips:

  • Hold the applicator upright and snap off the tip to allow the medication to flow out of the applicator.
  • Hold your dog still. Your dog can be standing, lying down or even sitting. Just make sure you have access to the necessary area.
  • For flea and tick products, read the instructions on the medication to determine if the manufacturers recommend applying in one area or multiple areas.
  • For wound treatment, follow your veterinarian's recommendation on the frequency of medicating the wound.
  • Place the tip of the applicator through the hair and place directly against the skin or against the wound.
  • Squeeze the applicator until all of the medication has flowed out of the applicator. Try to avoid application of the medication on the hair.

    I also have a short video showing you how to give the medication.

    How to Apply Topical Meds


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    If your local area is prone to flea infestations (as so many are), your dog should be on a flea prevention medication. Fleas have been very bad this year.

    I hope this information helps.