How to Teach a Dog Not to Jump on Your Clothes

Dogs are typically enthusiastic by nature. To stop jumping, teach your dog other ways to greet you.

Step 1

Teach your dog to sit on command. Most dogs pick up this command rather quickly. Give the "sit" command while you are standing facing your dog. Hold a treat above his nose and slowly move it back toward his tail. As he follows with his eyes, he will probably sit down. If he doesn't, use your free hand to gently press his hindquarters down as he looks up. Repeat this process until he sits reliably on command.

Step 2

Prepare for your dog to jump on you. If he normally jumps on you when you walk in the front door, go outside and prepare to come in.

Step 3

Walk in the door as you normally do.When your dog approaches you to jump, turn your back and step away, giving the command to "sit" as you do.

Step 4

Crouch down and pat your dog and slip a treat as a reward for his good behavior. If he does not sit, reach around behind you and grab his collar before turning around to give the sit command and physically put him in the "sit" position. When he is sitting, reward him.

Step 5

Repeat the process until you are confident that your pup will greet you with a sit. Stay consistent -- if he is not solid on his greeting, don't come into your home loaded down with groceries, for example. Until you trust him to greet you by sitting, make sure your hands are free and you can get him into the "sit" position.

Watch the video: How to Train Your Dog to Stop Jumping